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We provide blockchain solutions for your business

We want  to create a new, innovative and more democratic global economy, 1% at a time 


Taking your web3 strategy to the next level


Tokenization is the process of digitally representing a real world asset, which allows for agility, transparency, liquidity, lower cost of transactions and security for a series of operations.


Tokenize engagement between brands and their communities. It enhances value generation and creates new revenue streams for companies. From the consumer perspective it allow users do monetize the engagement with their favorite brands.


We’re building the web3 economy


Years of experience in web3


Wallets and real estate tokens


in carbon credit tokens transaction in global exchanges


Equity crowdfunding in blockchain; Token in LATAM listed on Coinbase; Full whitelabel NFT platform with blockchain abstraction.

About Us

We are a web3 builder company. Our focus is on blockchain solutions that allow companies to embrace decentralization and tokenization of a global economy. 

We believe that Asset Tokenization is the future of our global economy, that's why we create Oken & Oken Finance.

We also believe that companies and brands are going to move to a web3 engagement and loyalty solutions, and for those needs we have created RARUM.

We can help your company to cross the bridge and take advantage of web3 economy, criptoeconomy and decentralization. 


What our clients say

Andreas Blazoudakis | netSpaces

OnePercent's blockchain solutions are fundamental to our real estate market tokenization strategy. Today we are one of the leaders in this market because we use Oken as our tokenization engine.

Gabriel Araujo | UNIVERSUS

OnePercent's set of solutions was the determining factor in the construction of the project, which is part of a new generation of play-to-earn games, focused on usability, fun and robust economics.

Our Founders

Our Partners

Who are with us

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OnePercent Co-Founder. Business specialist, finance and M&A, 20+ years on business development, PhD in Business Administration.

Fabio Junges

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OnePercent Co-Founder. Innovation & strategy certification from MIT, PhD in progress in Computer Science with focus on Blockchain.

Fausto Vanin

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OnePercent Co-Founder. 15+ years software development experience, blockchain development certification, smart contract senior specialist.

André Meirelles

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